Saturday, September 02, 2006

Introducing the 'Corrupt Bastards Club'

I remember when Richard Pryor dropped the n-word from his routine.  It was after he went to Africa.  He realized there weren't any over there...even though the continent was chock full of black folk.  He came back and decided to label himself, his brothers and sisters in a more dignified and respectful way.

What we call ourselves says a lot about how we view ourselves and how we want others to view us.

We do the same thing with political labels.  Democrats become "Liberals" become "progressives" become "reality-based."  Republicans have gone from calling themselves "Conservatives" to being members of the "GOP," the "Party of Lincoln," or more recently, the "Corrupt Bastards Club."  This is not an epithet I am hurling around like "fascist" or "liar."  I wish I had thought of it... but I didn't.  This is a term Republicans used among themselves behind closed doors...

According to FBI SEARCH WARRANTS executed against several Republican legislators, Corrupt Bastards Club was the nickname 11 legislators,  (including the son of Republican Senator Ted Stevens) used to jokingly refer to themselves.  The legislators are being aggressively investigated by the FBI for taking bribes from an oil company (I know... what a surprise...who'd a thunk it?).

To be fair, there was a Democrat in the group.  But as Joe has shown, it will take more than finding a single Democrat willing to get into bed with Republicans to innoculate them from being known as the Corrupt Bastards Club.  It seems a particularly apt name for the Party that brought us no-bid contracts for political cronies, Abramoff, the K Street project, Paris Hilton tax relief, and widespread looting of the treasury.

I realize a little while back, Dailykos' very own Christoper suggested a more appropriate name for the Republicans should be the Crazy Motherfucker Party.  But I doubt that even Colbert would use that line on his show.  Although Christopher's suggestion has the ring of truth to it, I have decided that Corrupt Bastards Club is what I will be going with this season, at least until the elections are over.   Why impose an epithet when someone embraces one of their own invention?

Considering the problems of the Permanent Incumbent Party, it is refreshing to see the Pary of Family Values is willing to speak honestly and accept responsibility for its actions.  I think we should celebrate that and take them at their word.  Consider this site a fashion statement.  For Republicans, Corrupt Bastards Club is the new black (eye).